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Continue to Give Steps up and Hosts fundraising efforts for Sweet Cakes by Melissa when Dropped by Go Fund Me.

In the last 24 hours, Continue to Give has been inundated with both positive and negative feedback from our decision to allow the Sweet Cakes by Melissa to fundraise on our platform. We would like to encourage you to use this monitored blog to continue the discussion in an open and respectful way. Any responses that include a threat of any kind, inappropriate images or offensive language will be deleted at the discretion of management.

At Continue to Give we realize this is a polarized subject matter and both sides bring a passionate voice to the discussion. We all need to understand and respect each others views and values to find a peace of mind that allows for acceptance and understanding.

Please share your thoughts but use your words wisely respecting the others who are also sharing their views.

If you would like to start your own fundraiser with Continue to Give you can do so here.

Posted on: 05/06/2015
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