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Powerful Non-Profit Software

  • Increase Giving
  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs
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Powerful Non-Profit Software

  • Increase Giving
  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs
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#1 Online Giving Solution

We offer the #1 cleanest, easiest nonprofit fundraising system with the most giving options, PERIOD.

Text Giving

Text Giving

Kiosk Giving

Kiosk Giving

App Giving

App Giving

Peer to peer fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Donation forms

Website Donation Forms

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

Facebook Giving

Facebook Giving


Text Giving

Text giving is great for events, or even regular givers who just love to give by text!

App Giving

Perfect for repeat donors, our giving app makes repeat giving quick and convenient.


Teamed with Visa

We have teamed with Visa to bring you lower transaction rates thanks to Visa's new charitable giving rates program.

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Donor Management

Engage your community.
Streamline your processes.

We offer a complete donor management system.

Keep pulse on what is important

Our Customizable dashboard will keep you up to date on the stats most important to you.

Easy Form Builder

Our drag and drop form builder is simple and powerful.

Communication is key

Send Emails
Send Text Messages
Print Mail
Send Contribution Statements

Our powerful tagging system will let you segregate who gets what based on tags and lists.

Know your givers

Our system automatically tracks what is going on from giving, to small groups, to communications for every contact in the system.

Pledge Management

Lets face it, a promise to give is not the same as giving. Don’t ever lose a pledge again.

Our powerful pledge management system will remind pledgers to give and track when they do.

Events / Tickets

Easily configure your event, let people buy tickets, and check them in at the door.

Send Contribution Statements

Send Email, Print or Both!.

Our happy, easy button, gift to you.

Powerful Reporting

Generate valuable reports and insights in a matter of seconds.

Group Sign-up

Let people sign up for small groups so that you can keep communications and calendars in sync.

Child Check-in

We know safety is a priority, and that is why we created a simple and effective child check in program that allows you to print out sticker for both children and parents.

Task Management

Better relationships are built on follow through. Put our task system to use to make sure you don’t forget to make those important follow ups!

And more...

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Fund Accounting

Yes, that's right. A true fund accounting system.

Nice isn't it?


Keep your books in line with:
Journal Entries
Fund Transfers

Bank Imports

Connect to your bank and download your transaction.

Map Contributions to Batch Deposits

Stop importing and exporting. Our system will make matching contributions to bank batch deposits a breeze.

Accounting Reports

1. Balance Sheet
2. Income Statements
3. And More

And more...

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Integrations are key to your success. That is why we integrate directly with these great partners.

Why Choose Us?

Founder builds and uses software to support mission work in Africa.

Lowest pricing on the market

Complete system

Seven ways to give

Trusted by major banking institutions

Teamed with Visa

Faith based

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Our $100 power guarantee.

Like us or leave with $100.

* Organizations must use our product for at least 3 months on the paid plan to be eligible for our power guarantee.

Offer is $33 per product used (Online Giving, Donor Management, Accounting).

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