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Implementing Technology and Strategy into Equity Crowdfunding

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As the Security and Exchange Commission moves forward with the adoption of final rules under their Jumpstart our Business Startup (JOBS) Act, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to equity crowdfunding as a valid source for raising startup capital. Crowdfunding, by its very nature, lends itself to the integration of technology and innovative startups are developing strategies that incorporate varied technologies that appeal to diverse donor bases. Web Integration

Whether they are considering a large or small investment, it's likely that a donor will visit a startup's website or blog. Savvy consumers expect startups to have some kind of web presence. Along with descriptions and benefits of the product or service to be offered, simple badges can be easily added to a homepage and encourage viewers to learn more. The sharing of pictures, videos and testimonials on the web engages audiences, inspiring them to take action.

Mobile Integration

Individuals are increasingly utilizing their smart-phones to browse the web and conduct transactions. Text to Give and referral to websites via QR codes offer donors the option to invest in startups quickly and with ease. Well over 50% of Americans are now using smart phones on a daily basis and crowdfunding campaign investment via mobile devices is accelerating.

Social Media Integration

By publicizing crowdfunding efforts across multiple social media platforms, startups can quickly engage their social networks. Recent research indicates that projects that achieve a large portion of their fundraising goal in the early days of their campaign have a greater chance for success. Seizing opportunities quickly is the key to effectively leveraging the power of peer-to-peer marketing and social media offers the best medium to do just that. Crowdfunding via social media lends itself to donor initiated dissemination, meaning that project campaigns can quickly go viral.

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Slightly different than the revenue sharing concept behind many equity crowdfunding campaigns, rewards-based crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to offer rewards in exchange for their investment. These rewards may range from small tokens such as pens to early access to the product or service being funded. Offering incentives for investment excites the donor base, increasing the odds for further support. The hybrid model of rewards/equity based crowdfunding is gaining popularity, because it is so successful.

Finding the right technology to manage a multi-platform crowdfunding campaign is crucial to its success. Crowdfunding Services such as Continue to Give allow for integration between multiple technology mediums without the disadvantage of high fees. Building startup capital through crowdfunding is possible, but it does take careful planning. Incorporating the right technology tools from the beginning of the campaign will increase the chances that a startup will reach its funding potential.

Posted on: 05/24/2015
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