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Fundraising through Social Media Networks for Non-Profits, Individuals, Missionaries and Churches

Get your fundraiser viral with our great fundraising tools.

Our Crowdfunding tools will help your campaign reach a large supporter base quickly and easily.

It's simple really

  • Go to your online fundraising page.
  • User our social media sharing tools.
  • Share your fundraiser with your friends and family to gain their support.
  • Once they start supporting you, our Crowdfunding tools help your campaign go viral.

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Bookkeeping and Records

Instant receipt

Instant Receipts for You and Your Members

Direct Bank Deposite

Receive Tithes Direct-deposited into your Bank Account

Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools and Monthly Invoices

Best Rates

The Best Processing Fees around! (as low as 0.5% + $0.30)

Start your church online giving program with text to give and kiosk giving now!

Then watch your online tithing and automatic giving grow with our easy giving tools!

* Although Continue To Give does not charge a monthly fee, there is a possibility of being charge a minimum discount fee. What's this?

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