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River of Hope Ministries

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River of Hope Ministries

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River of Hope Ministries exists to provide resources and services that equip and empower pastors, missionaries and other Christian workers to live in God's abundance and grace and to help others do the same through their ministry. We provide ministry coaching, fundraising training and individual and family counseling for free.

Mission Statement:

River of Hope's mission is to help Christian leaders thrive.

We exist to equip, heal and support Christian workers to be all that God created them to be through coaching, counseling and fundraising training for individuals and families.

Basic Information

Phone: 8125898510
Email: [email protected]
Address: 8335 Kuebler Road
Postal: 47720
Website: riverofhope.net
Country: United States
Region: Indiana
City: Evansville

Areas of interest

Evansville, Indiana, United States Map It
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River of Hope Ministries

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