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Start your own adoption fundraising page using our software and save money with better rates!

Don't let other sites take 7.9% of your money raised (and yes they do). We can save you $400 when you raise $10,000 with us over the other guys!

Free To Use

Free to use

Sign-up for free and use these great fundraising tools with no monthly cost.

Better Processing Rates

Keep your money!

Don't let other crowdfunding sites, like Go Fund Me, take 7.9% of your money raised (and yes they do). We can save you $400 when you raise $10,000 with us over raising money the other guys!


Crowdfunding (Learn More)

Tap into the power of crowdfunding. Continue To Give's unique approach allows others to take up your cause through online giving pages and spread the word with every donation! Try our easy fundraising tools.


Social Media integration

Let your supporters spread the word for you on their favorite social media site. Harness the power of social media for easy fundraising. Once you know how to set up a donation page you can share it with all your friends and they do the same. Fundraising suddenly becomes a community effort and you raise more money online than you ever thought possible.


Blog integration

Keep your supporters up to date automatically with our blog integration. Let them know that you are raising money online and you can point them to your personal fundraising page where they can make a donation.

Easy Website Integration

Easy website integration (Learn More)

Our tools easily integrate into your website in minutes. Simply add your adoption fundraising badge to your website and supporters can donate right on your website. Being able to take online donations and mobile donations will make paying for adoption easier.

Getting Started is Easy

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  • Setup

    Make your cause look great with images and videos.

  • Spread

    Share with friends and family and watch your cause go viral.

  • Get Donations

    Become overwhelmed with the generosity of your friends and family as the donations role in!

What others are saying

"Continue To Give has been an indispensable asset for us raising money with our adoption! There is no way we could have raised the funding we did without this incredible website. One of my favorite parts about Continue To Give is the link it has to my blog. Now I know that every time I update my blog my financial givers will get notified and be able to stay on track with our current situation. Tina and Erick Jensen" - Adopting Parent - Tina Jensen

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Rates for Individuals:

All fundraising website must charge a processing fee. We just charge the least!

3.9% + 60 cents per donation

Yep, thats it. There are no other costs, and you get all our tools!

Don't let other sites take 7.9% of money raised (and yes they do). We can save you $400 when you raise $10,000 with us over the other guys!

Bookkeeping and Records

Instant receipt

Instant receipts for you and your donors

Direct Bank Deposit

Donations go directly to you in real time

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools and monthly invoices

Best Rates

The best processing fees around (3.9% + $0.60)

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