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Mobile Donations for your online fundraiser

We have made it very easy for people to donate to your fundraiser right from their phone on our mobile website!

This is a great tool for Churches, or occasions when your supporters are physically there.

Our mobile site allows them to donate on the spot from their phone before they forget!

How it works

  1. No need to download an app!
  2. Go to the page you are fundraising for.
  3. On the right hand side, you will see the option "Go Mobile"
  4. From there, you have two options. 1st is your QR-Code. 2nd is your text for link number.
  5. Simply print your QR-Code and mobile number out, and place them where your supporters will see them.
  6. When your supporters scan the code, or text the number, they will be brought right to your profile page for immediate donations!

Where to use it

  1. In your church bulletin
  2. On physical mailers/ support letters
  3. At events
  4. Anywhere you can think of!