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Individual Fundraising Pricing

We do not charge extra for THIS, and extra for THAT. We give you all options at the prices listed!

3.9% + 60 cents per donation


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Rates for Individuals raising money:

All fundraising website must charge a processing fee because we get charged by MasterCard and Visa, we just charge the least!

3.9% + 60 cents per donation

Yep, thats it, there are no other costs, and you get all our tools!

Don't let other sites take 7.9% of money raised (and yes they do). We can save you $400 when you raise $10,000 with us over the other guys!


All donations made through the Website are final and non-refundable.

Individuals raising money on C2G:

Individuals that sign up to receive money. Individuals are able to sign up and use WDP, all funds donated to and individual are processed via Stripe, Inc. and are resolved directly between the individual and Stripe, Inc. The fees associated with these accounts are: 3.9 % + $0.60 per credit card donation. These fees are used to pay operating and payment processing costs.