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How Online fundraising works

We have made online fundraising, online tithing, and crowdfunding easy!


Sign up with or without Facebook (We suggest using Facebook)

Create your Online Fundraiser

Depending on who you represent, this might be different.

Any page can receive online donations (So people can donate directly to your page, a project you create, or a giving page)

Make sure you make your page look good with lots of cool pictures and videos!

  1. Individuals can get started right after registration. (Use the fundraising tab on your home page)
  2. Nonprofit Organizations need to create a personal page, then that person can claim their organization to administer their online fundraising page.
  3. Missionaries create a personal page, then apply to be a missionary of their church or nonprofit organization (Your organization will accept your request just like a Facebook request)
  4. To fundraise on behalf of a church, nonprofit organization, or person you need to make a personal page, then create a "Giving Page" for the organization you want to fundraise for

Spread the word

Get people involved using our great fundraising tools!

To make your online fundraiser successful, tap into crowdfunding. Our tools make crowdfunding easy!

  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Invite your Facebook friends to join you
  • Ask friends to donate publicly so that we can post to their wall to help spread the word
  • Post your badge on as many websites as you can (your blog, friends blog, etc)
  • Ask your friends to make giving pages and start raising money online for you
  • Host an event and use our offering kiosk to have people donate
  • Ask your local TV channel to sponsor your online fundraiser

Receive donations

The people you reach can donate to you via credit card or electronic check.

They can do a one time donation, or a recurring donation.

Receive your money in real time

Individuals will receive their money real time into their Stripe account they create (it's like Paypal).

Organizations and churches will receive direct deposits into their bank in real time.

Keep donors up to date

Keep all your donors up to date with our internal mail system (Just like Facebook's)