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Tools to help you raise money online

Whether you're a church looking for online tithes, an nonprofit organization looking for support, a person looking for help, or a missionary looking to raise support... these great tools will help you raise awareness, tap into crowd funding, and raise more money!

Offering Kiosk

We give you $100 off your first kiosk stand order, plus a free card reader (worth $100) with each kiosk stand ordered!

Offering Kiosk for tithes

Our FREE and easy to use Offering Kiosk app for the Android or iPad works great for any church or event!

  1. Create your fundraising page (or claim your church or organizations)
  2. Download the free "Offering Kiosk" from the app store onto your Android or iPad
  3. Follow the easy steps on the app to setup your offering kiosk to your fundraising page
  4. Place your offering kiosk in a convenient place for people to donate
  5. Secure your tablet with one of our great free standing kiosk stands.
  6. To order your stand, please see the companies below that we work with to provide you quality dependable stands

Click here to order you kiosk stand

Mobile Donations (Smart Phones)

mobile donation qrcode

We have made it very easy for people to donate right from their phone on our mobile website!

This is a great tool for Churches, or occasions when your supporters are physically there.

Our mobile site allows them to donate on the spot from their phone before they forget!

How it works

  1. No need to download an app!
  2. Go to the page you are fundraising for.
  3. On the right hand side, you will see the option "Go Mobile"
  4. From there, you have two options. 1st is your QR-Code. 2nd is your text for link number.
  5. Simply print your QR-Code and mobile number out, and place them where your supporters will see them.
  6. When your supporters scan the code, or text the number, they will be brought right to your profile page for immediate donations!

Where to use it

  1. In your church bulletin
  2. On physical mailers/ support letters
  3. At events
  4. Anywhere you can think of!

Online Giving

Badges are widgets that you can put on your website that allow people to donate right there without ever leaving your own website!

Setting up a badge on your website is very easy and requires very little technical knowledge

  1. Go to the page you want to fundraise for
  2. On the right hand side of the page click the "Create a Badge" link
  3. Choose colors that match your website
  4. Choose the badge layout you want to display
  5. Copy and paste the small amount of code given into your website where you want the code to appear

Giving Pages

Giving pages are a great way to tap into crowdfunding and empower others to fundraise on your behalf!

Encourage others to simply go to your fundraising page, and click the "Create Giving Page" button on the right hand side.

From there, they can create their own page, upload their own images, and fundraise in their own unique way.

All donations made through a giving page go directly to the organization or organization for which the page was set up (not the creator of the giving page), and your reports show you how much each giving page made!

Giving pages are great for:
  1. Empowering people to help fundraise in their own way
  2. Raising money for a missions trip when each person is responsible for their own funding

Badge on Facebook

Badges are widgets that you can put on your Facebook page that allow people to donate right there without ever leaving your Facebook page!

Setting up a badge on your website is very easy and requires no technical knowledge

  1. (Skip this step if you already have a page for your organization) First, you need a Facebook page to post to. Please note, this is not your Facebook profile, it is a "Page", such as an organization or fan page. Click here to make one if you don't have one already.
  2. Then, you need to add our Facebook App to your Facebook "Page". To do that, simply click here and allow access.
  3. Go to the Facebook page you added, then click on the tab link for Continue To Give.
  4. On that page, you will see a search feature. Use that to find the cause you want to fundraise for on your Facebook page.
  5. When you find the cause you want, click the "Choose this Cause" button!
  6. Now you are ready, this is what people will see when they click your donate button.

Public donation on facebook

Donors spread the word via Facebook

We have built in social network tools and crowdfunding right into every donation

How it works

  1. If your donors choose, they can post their donations to their Facebook page!
  2. During the donation, they are asked for their privacy settings.
  3. They can even choose a public donation, but hide the amount from the public.
  4. Right after they donate, their donation will appear on their Facebook timeline to help spread the word.

So remember to ask your friends and donors to sign in with Facebook and donate publicly!

Facebook Invite your friends

Spread the word on Facebook!

As soon as you are ready, simply invite your friends to come donate (They can do the same)!

How it works

  1. Go to the page you are fundraising for
  2. On the right hand side, click the invite friends Facebook button
  3. Choose your friends and invite them.

Internal mail system

Keep your donors up to date, and encourage them by posting regular updates.

Using our mail system (Just like Facebook), you can keep them up to date with mailings.

Church Tithing

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Congregation Video

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NonProfit and Personal

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