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Giving Powered by Continue To Give

Help more by donating with Continue To Give

We have made Continue To Give simple, fun, and engaging to make your donations go as far as possible!

Here are some great reasons to donate using Continue To Give:
  1. Our database is full of all the registered 501(c)3 and Churches in the country!
  2. Donate via credit card or electronic check.
  3. Setup, edit, suspend, or cancel recurring donations.
  4. Instant donation receipt, and end of year donations.
  5. We allow organizations to claim their profiles so they can keep you up to date with pictures and videos
  6. You can choose to follow and receive messages from organizations you donate to!
  7. Integration with Facebook can help you spread the word with every donation.
  8. The ability to invite your Facebook friends to help out even more!
  9. You can setup a giving page for an organization and fundraise in your own way!