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Blogs to help you:

  • Increase Giving
  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs

Round-Up Giving, The Fundraising Rodeo

Posted By: Eric Helmick on January 18, 2021

Fundraising during an election year can be complex and staggering to your organization.

According to Allegiance Fundraising, whose strategy is to fuel your mission while providing solutions to drive your success, "Your donors are going to be inundated with political fundraising communications - mail, email and phone calls. All of these communications will be asking for YOUR donors' political support and vote, but most will also be asking for their financial support as well."

This takes a toll on your donors, but more importantly on your organization. So how do you protect your revenue stream and make certain your vision isn't lost amidst the chaos?.

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"Stay focused not just on the giving, but on the tools your donors can leverage to give," is what Eric Helmick, Continue to Gives' Business Development Advisor says. "We have so many tools for an organization to utilize with easy to follow instructions, there is no reason an organization cannot keep up with a steady giving pace throughout an election, holiday, or similar world events."

Recently, Continue to Give, launched yet another giving tool into their award winning software called Round-Up Giving. Though they aren't the first to introduce the idea of Round-Up Giving, Continue to Give is a proven leader in providing solid giving tools. The company has won awards to include "Most Recommended" by Software Advise, "Best Ease of Use" by Capterra and "Category Leader" from GetApp, thereby setting a standard for making giving easier.

Round-Up Giving is the simple idea of gathering purchases from a donor' credit card, rounding up the transactions on a monthly basis and giving it to the organization of their choice.

Organizations can sign up for Round-Up Giving right from their dashboard, and the company has already created easy to use videos to share with donors. Still in beta-test, this new tool will cost organizations a fraction of what an organization can potentially gain from donors using the platform.

Megan Strand, Engage for Good's communications director, says, "campaigns will likely grow and include more digital platforms. For example, GoDaddy, which lets people buy and build websites, has a "Round-Up" for charity box that allows customers to round up their order to the nearest dollar. The company says more than 14 million customers have chosen this option."

So how does your organization stay financially stable during an election year?

  1. Increase the frequency of communication with your donors. That is the purpose behind Continue to Give's Donor Management System - ease of communication.
  2. Utilize all of the giving platforms available to you through your online donation program. These include Round-Up Giving, social media, imbedded forms, text to give, kiosk giving and more, all of which are available through Continue to Give
  3. Plan ahead, says, Bill Blinstrub of Allegiance Fundraising. "Have an idea of how your organization may be impacted by the election process and think about how you could potentially leverage anything that comes up in the media.

The dust may be settling from the hootin' n hollerin' of the 2020 election, but there may be a barrage of aftershocks. So don't wait. Add Round-Up Giving to your organization's campaign and start the new year off with a solid giving solution for your donors.

online giving
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