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Blogs to help you:

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  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs

Should I Fundraise for My Adoption

Posted By: on April 10, 2015

by the Jensen Family

Fundraising...Sometimes this word can be controversial, especially when it comes to adoption. I have always known I was going to adopt but I did not always think I would fundraise to do it. One of the biggest reasons my husband and I choose to fundraise for our adoption was being we had been able to help others adopt by giving to them financially. It was like being a part of a story that was so much bigger than my day to day life.

I got to follow other families along in their adoption process and see just how wildly God provided the funds through the compassion of others that maybe would never even meet the family they were helping in person! It was such a cool testimony of all the giving hearts across the world.

Then we decided to set up a page on Continue to Give and see who wanted to be a part of our story and the outcome was incredible! We not only had our regular site but we set up lots of giving pages. We did Love Auctions and giveaways. We also were able to fundraise for new mattresses and pillows for the care center that our son was living at! So many people that I did not know and will never meet have been a part of our story and our son's.

Our adoption ended up being a little bit more expensive and long lasting than at first anticipated and because of the giving that took place from people we were still able to have an adoption completed in one year debt freem

I honestly do not think that going into debt for adoption is wrong or bad. We go into debt for much sillier things than the life of a child; however was it amazing to not have to worry about debt after bringing a new life into our home? YES! We were able to concentrate on bonding, loving, and healing as a family with a debt free adoption.

Lets talk lasting relationships. Fundraising for adoption is not only about money, it is about a whole new family. A family that is all different colors and cultures. A family that has been where you have been. A family that can cry with you and pray with you. A family that can rejoice with you and celebrate with you. A family that you can ask questions too and they will truly understand. There are so many people I would never have meet if I had not done fundraising on this journey. Beautiful lasting relationships that have blessed me beyond measure.

If you need to start your fundraiser for your adoption click here.

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