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Online Giving and Fundraising Websites and Designations

Projects and Events Show up as Designated Donation Options

Do you want your givers to be able to choose what they are donating to-for example a General Donation or a specific donation to a campaign that would show up as options in a drop down? If so then all you need to do is create a project for each line item you want your online giving or fundraising website to have.


What Can I do With My Project Page?

Projects are a subset of your non-profit. They offer the ability to connect with your donors and let them choose where they would like to help out! For example if you are doing online giving for churches you may have a general fund, missions fund, specific missionary fundraising account, or building fund.

* Since projects are their own subset of your overall nonprofits online giving they have their own QR code, text to donate number, line item in your reports, show up in your drop down on your website , and have their own profile page.

* This means you can promote your projects separately and highlight more important ones!

In addition, anyone can donate to your project on your general profile page by using the drop down box when filling out their donation information as seen below.

What if I want missionary fundraising Pages

Missionary fundraising pages are seperate from projects and events. Missionary support allows for a seperate login for the missionaries where they can manage their donors and their fundraising websites, pages, and projects of their own.

Some Project Ideas:

1. Church Tithing
2. New Church Roof
3. Building an Orphanage

How to Set Up a Project

You can set up a project anytime by visiting your account settings.

1. Once logged in to your account settings choose "Projects" from the left side menu.

2. From here you can simply add a project.

3. Follow the step by step process by naming your project, adding pictures, and creating a goal amount to reach.

Congratulations! You have now created a project and this option will be on all your donation options for givers.

Editing an Existing Project

If you already have an existing project you can edit it anytime by going to your Account Settings and click on Projects on your left side menu, then choose the Projects/Events you want to edit.

Posted on: 08/12/2014

Getting the Most out of Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal! Read this article to learn about giving pages!

Giving pages are great for short time missions, youth events, and other fundraisers. They allow each participant to raise their share of the money needed.

Giving Page

Giving Page Ideas

  1. Youth group events: Let each youth set up a giving page so they can raise their allotted amount to go on that youth group event!
  2. Short Term Missions: Missionaries that just want to go on one mission trip can set up and raise the needed funds with a giving page!
  3. Each Giving Page has it's own online and mobile giving avenues!
Posted on: 08/07/2014