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Missionary Called to Minister in Guatemala


Hi my name is Carla Rice and I am heading out on my very first mission trip with 15 other members of my church Mount Olive with Groundwork Guatemala. Going on a mission trip has been on my "bucket list" for quite a while and being presented this opportunity I jumped at the chance.

Why Missions for Me?

When I listened to my pastor talk about the experience he recently had during his trip I was intrigued and excited and even more so when I saw the pictures of the kids and families worshipping together. I can not imagine how much I will be able to learn from the Guatemalans and how much I will be able to grow spiritually.

I look forward to being able to touch the lives of other people and share my faith with them, but I want to also embrace them to share their faith with me.

Groundwork Guatemala is a ministry that is all about connecting people. Our call, as Christians, is to connect the lost to the Living Word, Jesus Christ; then equip them for a life of service to our Savior and Lord. I feel that God has called me to join together with this ministry and our mission team as we partner together to share our faith and gifts with the people of Guatemala by assisting them spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our mission team, along with an awesome team of Guatemalan missionaries will share the Lord with adults, teens, and children in Guatemala City and the surrounding villages, as faith lessons are taught and a strong spiritual foundation is laid. Through caring relationships, people come face to face with Christ and His love as we visit and pray together in their homes. We will also be taking various kinds of donations from hygiene kits to school supplies with us to distribute.

How You Can be A Part of Helping:

As with any mission trip, there is a need for financial assistance. During the next few months I will be working to raise funds to pay for my airfare and other expenses, as well as to help purchase supplies for the health kits, vitamins, and school supplies to name a few items. I am raising money online for this trip. If, after prayerful consideration, you feel led to assist me in my endeavor to help me serve, donations online are welcome and can be made at Support My Mission Trip Here.

You can also text a donation thorugh my Continue to Give fundraising page! Text: 4810810 To: 715-803-4772

If you need to start a mission fundraising project like Carla you can do so today at Continue to Give!

Posted on: 04/10/2015
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