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Blogs to help you:

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MissionWings to Honduras

Posted By: on May 19, 2015

We are Shane and Ana Cooper, missionaries who have been involved in short term missions to Honduras over the past 6 years. We are Christians and members of the Beavertown Church in Beavertown, Pennsylvania. We are currently working to launch a full time ministry in Honduras called MissionWings.

At this time we are working to get the funding behind us that will help make this ministry a reality. We are currently raising the monthly support needed for operations as well as the funding to acquire a modified Cessna 206 aircraft for mission work in Honduras. Our goal is to use a small airplane to provide emergency medical flights, disaster relief operations and humanitarian aid to remote villages in Honduras. We also intend to provide air transportation services to missionaries and mission work teams, giving them easier access into remote areas and a faster means of transportation. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate the spreading God's love and His message.

You can be a real part of this ministry through your giving. By giving, you could help a mother in a remote village with labor complications get to a hospital in a timely matter, saving both her and her child's lives. Your giving could also give a medical brigade access into a isolated village to respond to a malaria outbreak and save hundreds of lives. Your giving could make way for a missionary pastor to reach an isolated jungle village, enabling him to share the gospel and love of Christ to someone who has never heard. Will you make a difference today by giving to help make this ministry possible? Making your donation is easy by visiting www.continuetogive.com/missionwings

Or texting the number 4809528 to 715-803-4772.

We also encourage you to learn more about us by visiting our personal website at www.missionaryaviator.com. There you can also make donations through our website by clicking the donate button and filling out the Continue to Give donation form.

There are benefits for those who partner with us by setting up a recurring donation of $12.50 per month or more as you will become a member of one of our five insider clubs. So please consider setting up a recurring donation today!

Thank you for making a difference in giving hope to the people of Honduras through your support to this ministry endeavor.

Shane & Ana Cooper

If you need missionary fundraising you can sign up today at ContinuetoGive.com!

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