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Is Your Church Ready

Churches have been around for many years. As the world is constantly changing, religious organizations have had to find new ways to sustain their places of worship, keep members actively engaged, continue to bring new members, and keep up with the times. Some ways churches raise offerings are throwing bake sales, family events, and more. One constantly changing and improving thing is technology.

The internet has grown into something that many people in today's world use on a daily basis, whether it's paying bills, shopping, or staying in touch with family and friends. One of the greatest things that the internet has brought us in the past few years is online fundraising. Many websites have been popping up helping people help others by raising funds online.

Fundraising has become a great way to help raise money for causes and helping reach people all over the world. Churches have cautiously moved into the world of online donating to stay up to date and help make tithing and offerings more convenient for their members. Technology has been a wonderful advancement to everyday living. With so many options and competitors, it can be difficult to figure out what is best for your church.

Any site can allow you to donate online, but what about other options? In this technological society, you can now donate via your cell phone, tablet, anywhere, and anytime! Summer is coming soon, which means more people going on vacation, camping, and just enjoying the time they have together before winter and school begins again. A great option Continue to Give offers, is recurring donations. It's a wonderful option to have when life gets busy. Churches can also plan future budgets knowing they have a steady amount of offerings even if you may not be able to attend on a weekly basis. Another great tool to help raise tithing and offerings for your church is an offering kiosk . Kiosks can be used in a variety of ways: set up indoors, at events, used for church daycare or even concerts.

With all the options available today, it's important to think about what your church needs to continue to grow and continue to serve generations of families. Unlike many other sites, Continue to Give offers the whole package to everyone and we strive to make our donating process as easy as possible for you and your members.

Posted on: 04/11/2016
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