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How to Introduce your Donation and Fundraising Software to Your Givers

Ok so you have done all your research and found the perfect donation management software for church tithes. It's perfect you have your offering kiosk, your mobile fundraising, text to give, online donations options, etc everything you need for features and capabilities. And now you're going to go live and let your giver's know how they can give easily to your church or nonprofits, BUT what are the most successful ways to accomplish this?

Send out a newsletter

Sending out an email or snail mail is one of the most efficient ways to reach your givers past and present. In the email you will want to show them all the cool technology you have just implemented. Ask their opinions on if they think the new way of giving is easy or not. The goal is to have them try to donate and let them critique it which will encourage more participation than an email that just says please give to us. Be sure to include the link and text to donate options in the email. Tip: make sure to embed the link in a picture button or wording. It looks better then having a large blue link in your email!

Show an introductory video during a fundraising event or Church service

If you are a church the best way to introduce the new giving options is to show a video of all the new features the congregation can enjoy. This can make the giving process easy since they will witness a demonstration before they go up to the offering kiosk to give or before they give online. Plus if you have your mobile tithing options in your bulletin they can try it out as they watch the video!

Plan a fundraising event

Plan and host a fun event where all your new giving avenues will be present. You could do a car wash, bake sale, etc. Have your offering kiosk or fundraising kiosk present for people to pay at. Have text to donate button on posters that market the event. Get creative! Google some church fundraising ideas and use your new software to be a part of them.

It's important to introduce your new giving options to your supporters. For one you're contacting them and reminding them to give to your cause. Make it about them. Ask them if the new software is easy to use and what they think. The point is to ask for donations in an indirect way of celebrating the new software.

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Posted on: 04/15/2016
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