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Address field options

Backed by popular demand we have now updated Continue to Give's online giving software to bring you the option to either require your donor's address or make it optional. This is a great feature if your organization needs full addresses to keep in contact with your donors after the donation by sending out physical mailings. We have also kept an option for organization that wish not to require the address field so that there is less to fill in on the donation.

How to turn on the required address field

To turn on the feature go to your account settings and then click on your "Edit Profile" tab on the left column. Click "Yes" to require address from your donors and click save. Even if it looks like the Yes is already marked still go ahead and click it and save. If you turn on the address required field for your organization it will require an address for each and every project and missionary as well. If you have your address field set to NO for your organization you can choose each project and missionary if they need to have a required address or not.

Can you customize this for special projects?

Yes. If you choose to set your organization to No you can still require addresses for specific projects. Just go to edit your project and now you will see an option to require address. Select "Yes" and save.

How does the Offering Kiosk fit in?

If you have your offering kiosk set to Point of Sale mode this will still never require an address. Also if your donor wants to give as a Quick Card Swipe this will not require an address. With the kiosk the only options to require an address are Give as Guest, Create an Account, or the Log In. However, if your giver puts in their address once you will have it save to their account and your reporting for future donations.

Requiring the address field will show up for all online giving options and mobile giving options. It will also show up in your contact reporting as well. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Posted on: 09/14/2016
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