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Blogs to help you:

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  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs

3 Tips to Surviving Kids during Covid: 19 Lockdown

Posted By: Jesse Wellhoefer on April 10, 2020

Ok, you're locked in the house with 5 kids, their school, your work, laundry and more, GO!

You may be asking yourself, "Self :) what can I do? The kids are driving me crazy!"

Welcome to my life on a regular basis. As a work from home software engineer, and a world traveling missionary, I have learned a few things I'd like to share with you so that you can survive your kids during the COVID: 19 LOCKDOWN.

As you can imagine, my ability to create award winning problem solving software to help our clients is directly related to my ability to have a sane work environment. So I have learned a lot of things over the years, and I want to share three simple tips with you so you can not only get through this, but thrive!

Designate a private workplace

This sounds simple, but for most it is not simply because of space limits. Make this happen. This is key. Do not work from the couch, then move to table, then somewhere else as you play cat and mouse with the kids. In this game, you are the mouse. You will lose. Defend this space with tip three below.

Fully Engage with your kids at least 4 times a day

This is actually the most fun and most rewarding part of being a parent. Doing this right will not only save your sanity, but help you find the joy other said kids would bring. Engagement does not mean listening to them while you work and they interrupt you. No, this means you are not working, not looking at your phone, or anything else. Leave your workspace, and fully engage in an activity with your kids. Even if it is only 10 minutes. Do something crazy. Piggy back rides, tickling, building a block tower or a quick foot race. Your kids don't want you all day long, but if you don't fully engage with them, they will bug you all day and you both lose. So set aside some time and really enjoy each other. This also works randomly as well after you get something done, don't go to facebook in between big tasks, play with the kids!

Playing with the kids

Some of our playtime caught on camera!

Set up rules and boundaries and stick to them

If you do the above engagement, this comes easier as the kids won't be bothering you as much outside of your time together. But sticking to what you said is very important. Here is why. If you tell your kids no ice cream, but after 10 minutes of arguing with them you give in, you've only taught them one thing. Argue till you win. So be prepared to argue till you lose all day long, because your kids have way more stamina then you do. This tip also works much better if you keep your set of rules to a minimum, and do not always need to have it your way. Also, it is always better to give your kid an ice cream cone before they ask than to say no but give in after they argue.

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In Summary

The sanity of your house, and your future relationships with your kids depends on how you handle this time. So do your best to separate your work from your family, and be prepared to fully engage with your family so that your interactions will be fun and meaningful instead of an interruption. As I always tell my mom, the kids are actually fun if you play with them.

I hope this helps as you navigate this unprecedented time of working from home while trying to homeschool your kids and lots lots more at the same time!

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