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Blogs to help you:

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$500 Missionary Recipients

Posted By: on September 12, 16

First of all a big thank you to all of the missionaries that submitted an application for one of the $500 online donations. We had a very good turnout of applicants and our private donors were thrilled to hear about what you all are doing! It was a hard decision to pick through each applicant but our donors felt very connected to two missionary fundraisers. So we are excited to announce the the two applicants! Each will receive a one time gift of $500 for their mission!

If you are a private donor and wish to do a one time gift and have fundraisers apply please contact us to host your event! [email protected]

Our First Recipient is:

Emily Wierenga

To Donate or Read More about Emily: https://www.continuetogive.com/thelulutree

"The Lulu Tree is a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to preventing tomorrow's orphans by equipping today's families. We're currently working in the slums and villages of Uganda and Sierra Leone, partnering with single mothers to equip them to care for their children. We believe in putting the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6). None of us on the western side is paid, but rather, strives to serve purely out of love. We want to see The Lulu Tree become self-sustainable in each country it works in; we want to see Ugandans caring for Ugandans and Sierra Leoneans caring for Sierra Leoneans. The $500 would go towards our Elijah House, a baby home which we are building to house babies who've been thrown in the garbage. These babies will be cared for by widowed grandmothers on 10 acres of farmland outside of Kampala, Uganda, where our Lulu mamas and daughters will garden and raise goats to care for the Lulu family. Lulu's pastors disciple the mothers and our Lulu mama, Esther Tendo, is a single mother who serves as our country director. We are grateful that you would consider us. God bless you."

Our Second Recipient is:

Eric Helmick

To Donate or Learn More about Eric: https://www.continuetogive.com/4827935

"There's no denying it: by doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others. Inspiring Australia's youth is at the core of Team Help!'s goal. How can we achieve that? As father and sons, we're going to break a current world record and swim Australia's longest river, the River Murray - a total distance of 2508 Kilometers.

Team Help! has created the Take Your Dream Essay Contest to actively engage the youth of Australia during our swim - encouraging them to share their dreams with the world. The winners of our contest will be included in our feature film, "Take Your Dreams."

This is a large undertaking because we've chosen to engage thousands of youth across Australia in a relationship. Our team is currently traveling the border of New South Wales and Victoria, a total distance of over 2500 km to encourage youth in schools. We've already had dozens of assemblies where our team has inspired young people.

In a few short months, our team will begin the swim down the Murray River. Again stopping in each city to visit with youth and again share our passion. But this time, we'll have the opportunity to share the real passion of our hearts, Jesus Christ. We anticipate prayer, and revival on the river banks all along the Murray River.

Team Help! is build on the idea of reaching out to someone in the world who feels forgotten and assuring them that they're not. It's the ultimate goal Team Help! places on their vision.

Just this week we met with two people who told us they had come to a saving knowledge of Christ when our team was in their city last year. Can you imagine how excited we were to hear of the fruits of our labor!? Glorious rejoicing!

No director, staff or persons on Team Help! or its affiliate, Help! World Tour are paid for their services. Our team has a high commitment of giving back to their communities and the world. Each person on the team is responsible for raising the necessary financial support to join our team. Combined personal finances cover food and lodging costs for our team while on the road.

The $500 grant will be used to specifically for a microphone and camera accessories for our team who will be filming students along our journey - gathering their dream story to share with the world. This is the opportunity we believe we can use to go deeper with each student as we share our own passion in Christ.

Thank you for considering Team Help! and their ongoing pursuit of Kingdom salvation with Christ."

Again a big thank you to our private donors for sponsoring these donations!

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