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Water Pumps & Drainage System Upgrades

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Water Pumps & Drainage System Upgrades



On Sunday 11th February Fortaleza received almost 9 inches of rain in 24 hours. An event like this has not happened for 50 years. The city was deluged, and cars, homes, and streets were flooded. You can see a video of the flooding on our YouTube page.

Last year we took precautions to prevent flooding by installing 4 pumps with various drainage system upgrades. Despite these measures, the rain on Sunday 11th flooded the kitchen, dining hall, chapel, classroom, toilets, and playground.

If these pumps had not been in place, we believe that the damage would have been catastrophic and would have destroyed our newly installed kitchen cabinets, freezers, fridges, and many of our other facilities. This was an unprecedented flood. Thankfully we have avoided a costly disaster.

However, forecasts predict further heavy downpours between now and the end of June. The type of flooding we are experiencing is compromising the concrete floor of our dining hall, classrooms, and kitchen. The cleanup cost is high, and we are unable to receive children when this happens.

We believe that the best long-term solution is to continue with the installation of 4 more pumps in strategic areas of the grounds together with holding tanks and other flood defenses. This will remove water quickly and prevent flash flooding. The situation has been caused by illegal invasions around our walls and higher-intensity rains.

To protect our facilities, we are appealing for your help to continue with these further flood prevention measures.

Each pumping system will cost $4,500, and we need four of them.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity.