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Graham Cape Town Building Project 000164-026

Goal: $70,000

Graham Cape Town Building Project 000164-026



The Calvary Bible Baptist Church has faced increasing difficulty in recent years from renting a community hall for church services. The church family has prayed for and saved for a building for many years. We have visited numerous properties for sale, but we have never found something adequate within our price range. Now that we are pursuing the opening of a Christian trades college to edify believers and train them both biblically and with trades skills for employment, a building is vital. At the moment the church is only able to use the rented hall for two hours each Sunday morning. Our hope is to find an existing building to purchase and to remodel if necessary. A second option is to purchase an empty plot and build. Our impression from our search so far is that we need to add to the $72,000 the church has saved at least another $35,000, but more probably another $70,000. We will send another mailing when we have reached our goal. If funds come in excess of our need, we will redirect those funds to a similar project. Thank you for your prayers and consideration of this important project.

Basic Information

Postal: 11111
Country: South Africa
Region: Western Cape
City: Capetown


Capetown, Western Cape, South Africa Map It