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Emmaus Road Baptist Building Project 000345-043

Goal: $21,000
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Emmaus Road Baptist Building Project 000345-043

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Currently our New York City church plant is homeless! We lost our meeting space in the public school in March when the coronvirus shut down our city, and it is unlikely that we will ever get it back. As a result, our need for a better rental space became a priority. For two months, our property search was very discouraging. Everything was either too small or too expensive. Very often it was both too small and too expensive. Then two weeks ago, I believe that the Lord led us to our future facility. It is not too far from where we were previously meeting and provides us with some space to grow. It is half of the price of most spaces which are half of its size. It is in the bottom level of a high-rise housing unit which is located in a residential area on a street which connects two neighborhoods. There are not many churches of any type close by. The space would allow us to have seating for nearly 100 people, a small nursery, a classroom, and a kitchenette area. The space is just over 2,300 sq. ft. The asking price was $4,250 per month but the owners have agreed to rent it to us for $3,500 per month. This may sound expensive to most people, but in New York City these are very good prices! Because our church is young, the owners are nervous about our ability to pay the rent and are asking for 6 months of security deposit up front. That is $21,000! Thankfully, I know of one church which has already voted to give us $3,000 toward the security deposit. That leaves us with nearly $18,000 of security deposit which needs to be raised immediately before we can sign the lease. Also, the space is currently unfinished and though the owners have agreed to build it out to our specifications they have required that we select and install our own floor coverings. Once the lease is signed, we will likely need $4,000 for floor coverings and chairs before we can start using the space.

Mission Statement:

To plant an independent Baptist church in Bronx NY

Basic Information

Address: 2780 Reservoir Ave
Postal: 00000
Country: United States
Region: New York
City: Bronx


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