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The Messenger-The Voice

Goal: $7,000 Monthly
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The Messenger-The Voice

tithe tithing fundraising raise money crowdfunding


I am a resourcefully talented minister-author with a vision of touching the world with hope, through written word. I am skilled in composing tasks related to spirituality, Christian faith, and especially the love of Jesus, as well as many others. I also have the phenomenal ability to write profoundly inspirational sermons. A special trait and quality which I believe is an excellent asset belonging to someone that could be of great help to a growing spiritual entity. The gift of prophetic word is a gift that was passed down from the Holy Spirit. It is the ability to receive a dine message from God. Through visions or in the form of writing. I also contain the divine tool to be able to speak life into others and very creatively and powerfully urge and advise seeking the promises of God.

I especially enjoy writing on topics such as love, marriage, relationships, as well as the Good News. My promise as an employee is in the quality of my work. And my guarantee is the ability to maintain the reader's attention. By creatively and collectively conjoining together words of wise wisdom. Like tying together the ends of two red silk ribbons. The finished product will be smooth and flow with an exceptional price in inspirational value The content that I am capable of producing will obtain tools that relate to the reader's lives. The tools will intimately and spiritually embrace every individual to encounter the message I bring to the table. With a metaphorical hug, and a pouring out of the Spirit upon them. By pulling on their heartstrings and evoking a strong sense and feeling of peace.

I have an intensely burning desire to share the wisdom that I have been blessed with by God. In hopes to motivate others. Because I am containing within, the impressive goal, to especially to" touch" those who do not believe, or connect spiritually with others in a way that awakens the senses of their soul, that they weren't sure existed. Like setting off like a bomb or activating a missile.

Mission Statement:

My goal and aspirations for raising these funds and at the amount it is set at is to Travel abroad preaching The Word of God wherever I am invited and speak at different churches and events. I have only just begun to really put myself out in the open during the last year and have already had requests for me to visit churches in Alabama, Morocco, and several different countries in Africa, which is my greatest desire. I Feel The Lord calling me there. I only need the funds to get there. Besides Missions trips, the following is a brief list of things I plan to use the raised money for, but is not limited to:

1) funds to pay for copies of lessons as well as Bibles, books, food and drink for in Home Community Bible Digs so that people enjoy themselves and like to attend.

2) funds to advertise my ministry, as well as the 100 %FREE Christian Spirituality Services that I offer in my own free time. I would like to be a positive support and give good advice and guidance to promote positive change, spiritual awakening, and growth, as well as the sight from a new perspective.

3) travel expenses so that I can visit different places around the USA (where I am from) and speak, teach, preach, heal, inspire and encourage others.

4) I would like to have some t-shirts made that people could donate money for or purchase outright so that I can continue to make some funds while I spend some.

5) Eventually, I would like to rent a property near my home where I could have more room for Bible Dig groups, prayer, 1 on 1 appointment and other Christian activities for my community Spirituality. But it will always be non-profit

6) I want to be able to help others in need if and when they need it.

7) I am persistent, dedicated, faithful, diligent, tenacious, and dutifully loyal to the Lord. All I want is to live my life in service to Him as well as my brothers, sisters, and those with teachable hearts in non-judgemental unconditional love for all.

My purpose and my focus in all that I am trying to do is to bring others to know God who have never had the chance to know Him, to inspire those who have fallen into wrong ways to know that they still have a future in Christ, that they are here for a reason and have purpose, and to encourage all Christians to keep their eye on the "prize," who is Jesus. And also, to help others find their spiritual gifts and how to use them.

My goal is to point out that it is never too late to turn your back on sin, practice self-control, and to live for the Lord. To prepare ourselves for His second coming. Because as it states in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 in the Amplified Bible: 16 "For the Lord, Himself will come down from heaven with a shout of command, with the voice of the archangel and with the [blast of the] trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain [on the earth] will simultaneously be caught up (raptured) together with them [the resurrected ones] in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord!18 Therefore comfort and encourage one another with these words [concerning our reunion with believers who have died]." I want us all to be ready! My mission is to start a revival. Or to make living for God the "in" thing to do among those of my generation. As well as those who doubt His miraculous power.%u271D%uFE0F

%u200BI believe that doing this is my duty to the Lord. Because I am eternally indebted and must repay Him in some way for His mercy and grace through His gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. He gave His life for mine so that I ( as well as all of you) could eternally dwell with Him in Heaven one day. So I give my life to Him as it is my calling, just as it is for all Christians, to spread the "Good News" in Jesus and to share it with others.%uD83D%uDC9D

%u200BEvery Christian is assigned a spiritual gift by God. It may be a natural talent, ability, or characteristic. They are to use it to discover their purpose in life and it is designed to be of service in the body of Christ (everyone that believes in Him) and to honor God. It talks about in Romans 12, that each person has a function and works as an organ or body part. Every person is needed to do their part and is essential to the Kingdom of God no matter how big or how small. What good is a foot without toes? Or a hand without fingers? The foot would not be able to stand or balance properly, and the hand could not grasp what it needed. Whether you are a kidney or a toe, we each have our function in the body of Christ.

Basic Information

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheVoiceMinistriesWithTheMessengerOfPropheticWord
Country: United States
Region: Wisconsin
City: Hartford

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