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Please help KathleenR.

Goal: $150,000
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Please help KathleenR.



I had a car accident on April 18th, 1999, had massive internal damage which needed emergency surgery, or I would've died. Since then I've lost 3 jobs, had numerous hospital stays and ER visits, to get help with the chronic abdominal pain and pancreatitis I have from that accident. It's now 16 years later and the pain is the worse ever. I have constant severe pain, so my doctors told me to claim disability, I have but it's been already 4 years and I don't have a hearing date yet. My medical bills are massive, I've no income and don't qualify for Medicaid. I can't afford my medications unless my mom helps me, and she is a senior on a limited SSI payment. So I've turned to the public to help me. I've helped many homeless people over the years and would like to ask for help now. and find a place to live, as I'm practically homeless right now, except for some people who rent me a room at StayAmerica, sometimes.
Thank you..

Mission Statement:

To raise funds to help me pay my medical bills, get the proper treatment for my chronic pain, pay for my much needed medications.

Basic Information

Phone: 919-741-8391
Address: 4810 Bluestone Drive
Postal: 27614
Country: United States
Region: North Carolina
City: Raleigh

Areas of interest

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States Map It

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Please help KathleenR.

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