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Jeff Tarras

Goal: $180
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Jeff Tarras



89Q Golfathon 2013

Mission Statement:

The money is going towards our special Christmas music promotion as North Central Wisconsin's official "Christmas Music Station". We were fortunate to have tried it last year and had lots of success with regard to attaining new listeners. Since no other station did it we were able to reach lots of new listeners with the Gospel. We never know what other stations plan on doing each year so it could be that a secular station could attempt it. In that light, and with the desire to reach more and more people, we believe a strong advertising campaign should help us reach many more. The cost is pretty high to advertise on billboards, newspapers, TV, etc. but we think getting the real message of Christmas out there is important enough to promote. The Golfathon is just for this outreach opportunity.

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Jeff Tarras

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