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The care center in Ethiopia is in desperate need of new mattresses for the babies. They are doing the best they can but the mold problem is huge! The mattresses they are able to buy in country are very prone to mold. I am trying to get as many Naturepedic Mattresses over there as I can! We have a wholesale account open with them so I am hoping to get the BEST price I can!

Mission Statement:

To have 30 mattresses sponsored at $60 a piece. Then Erick and I will hand carry them to Ethiopia when we go to pick up our son!

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My Personal (Negative) Realizations

So as I write this maybe its more for me than anyone else.  I remember back in the day if you didn't have a "bossom" buddy to talk to you had to write in a journal and pretend that someone ANYONE heard you just so you could feel better.  Well writing has always made me feel better though someday I would love a friend that I can talk to in honesty and when she finds out I'm not perfect she still likes me...one can hope.So I have been analyzing what I personally have learned and realized during this adoption...and NO an adoption is NEVER OVER! Every body that has adopted can attest to that.  It is a constant process of learning and flowing and loving and hurting.So here they are.  You may think I am horrible for saying such things or you may agree...honestly I don't care.  Think whatever you want.My disclosure: I have written so many positive and wonderful posts expounding on all the beautiful friends I have made along the way and the help we received.1) Just because someone is adopting or has adopted doesn't mean they want to be your friend. This was super hard for me! I love talking with people and meeting up with them.  I love meeting new people and I truly believe that everyone should be nice to each other.  I know probably a unrealistic fantasy of mine but I am clinging hard to it just the same.  They may want to talk to you for a brief moment for more information or they need something but after that it may even be hard to get a hello out of them.2) Just because someone is adopting doesn't make them nice or "Christ-like". So my wonderful husband was sort of trained to be on the defense right away with people...like they are going to be bad or something.  Well I go the other way.  I honestly think everyone is nice and genuine and I am comp...

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Updates, Praises and Surprises!

So again I apologize! Adding one more to my group and with homeschooling military ect ect I really can't blog! Ha! Well I think we have been home about 4 months now and it has been amazing.  I honestly read a lot a lot on attachment and we also practice attachment parenting to being with and I prepared myself for the worst case scenario making sure I had help lined up if we saw any potential problems with Isaak.  I did have to change many of my own parenting techniques for him.  Like I thought for sure he would just want to co sleep forever...nope he wants his bottle and wants me to leave him alone.  Ok buddy mamma will back off.  So it has been a great learning experience for me as well. I also had my options lined up in case we noticed any cognitive delays, I am a HUGE advocate on getting kids help right away if there is an indications they will need special help with learning or social activities.  Isaak is definitely delayed as far as physical mobility however in the last 4 months he sat on his own, began army crawling which turned into a real crawl and now this past week he was actually able to pull himself up by himself to standing! So we are seeing leaps and bounds of growth in that department.  Praise the Lord there is absolutely no attachment issues that we are noticing now and as far as cognitive ability is actually unbelievably smarter then a lot of the kids his age.  He loves loves learning new sign language and has grasped such a remarkable understanding of English already!  We are already starting potty cueing with him and he totally gets it! I am still in shock at how intelligent he is only because again I was absolutely prepared for the worst.  So with all of that said he is doing AMAZING!A huge huge praise is that we had really wanted to correct his head deformity from being l...

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4 Weeks!

So I have officially become one of those "bad bloggers".  I promise I have good reason! Though I have no idea how the people with 8 plus kids keep up with blogging!So our little Isaak has completely just stolen our heart. He is doing amazingly well.  We have had no attachment problems.  He sleeps amazing, much better than our other kids.  He eats a TON and we have been graced with a ton of donated breast milk which is helping him heal and attach.  The other children just love him more and more every day.  Since we have been home we have seen him grow leaps and bonds.  He went from acting like a little newborn to an active 12 month old!  God is sooooo Good!  I was honestly prepared for the worst after we came home and God has truly given this mamma grace.  The kid number transition has been the easiest ever.  He is extremely healthy and happy which makes keeping up with the house, natural child birth teaching and homeschooling rather smoothly.Thank you all again! I will try and get more pictures up soon!  We only have one phone and I have turned into one of those mommies who can't seem to take pictures without her "smart" phone.Here is a little taste of the beauty of this child. Lots of love from this J Crew!

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Hello everyone! Well the Jensen family is at 6.  I am working on some pictures to put up but I realize that we have been home for one week now and I have not posted.  I honestly do not even know where to start. I can see why people bring their computers along and blog while actually on the journey.  We had a wild ride since we went to Africa and back in 6 days.  Let me tell you what this 33 year old body was feeling the whirl wind!We were also blessed to travel with our good friends Cody and Lynsey which made the trip even that much more of an extraordinary blessing and adventure.We arrived on the 8th of January with all of our Naturepedic mattresses in tow and were able to go take custody of Isaak Sebona that same day. It was beyond a rush of emotions. Not to mention the not eating and sleeping during 2 days of travel prior.That same day I became deathly ill...like couldn't get out of bed at the OH Life Center so Erick found some angels, Ron and Kelly, to help us out.  Isaak also cried that entire day as we had just "stolen" him from the only family he has known up until now.  So yes first day was crazy crazy!At 4 am on the 9th Isaak woke up next to me and started to talk my ear off in his little baby language and has been happy with us ever since.  This is a huge answer to prayer as I was concerned with attachment issues the older he got.  As the days have turned into almost 2 weeks since we have had him in our arms he is beyond attached! It is so beautiful! The kids love him even little Selah calls him "her baby" and is not jealous at all...another huge relief.He did come home with a horrible double ear infection and throat and sinus infection though we are on the mends already with that.You can view our welcome home pics here 

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Excited Beyond Words

"Lord, you are a God who speaks, who hears, and who acts. You are El Chay. Thank you for making me and breathing life into me. Please watch over me and hear me when I cry to out to you; deliver me from my enemies and glorify your name so that everyone who knows me may know that you alone are El Chay, the Living God. Amen." ~taken from "Praying the Names of God" by Ann SpranglerThis book has literally seen me through this adoption.  Reminding me the beautiful, amazing attributes of the God that I serve.  It helped me keep focus on Him and what he could do.  Though I failed miserably at times...I would keep taking hold of my mind and literally forcing it to see Jesus as my focal point.God has taught me so much in this journey from trust to empathy to righteous anger to reliance on the rest of the body of Christ.  So many times I had hit rock bottom and was up late texting friends and family and receiving beautiful words of encouragement and verses that totally lifted my spirit.I honestly can not describe with words the excitement and relief that I am feeling right now.  The Sunday before we got the news we had cleared a bunch of us families that were STUCK had decided we would all be flying over to Africa and fighting in country for our children.  I remember Sunday night being a little scared and yet hopeful that we could maybe get somewhere.  One of my friends asked me if Erick and I were going over there and my response was this "Yes...unless God decides to do a miracle".  That night I read about our Lord being the mighty Yahweh Shammah, The Lord is There.  This name is associated to God's presence and power.  And to continually thank God for being there in the midst of our struggles versus thinking that we are alone.  I would love to say that I slept in total peace th...

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Mattresses have arrived!!!!

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Thanks so much for organizing this!! Excited to be able to get clean, safe mattresses under our babies. :)

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