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Blogs to help you:

  • Increase Giving
  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs

$500 Missionary Grant

Posted By: on August 2, 2016

You have a passion for missions. You have a passion to change the world. You have a passion for people and giving. But how do you pay for your mission trip? How do you accomplish that?

Raising money as a missionary is not easy. Less than 20% of missionaries are able to raise the complete needed funds for their trip. That means less than 2 in 10 can actually accomplish the mission they want because of lack of funding. This can be hard and even harder when you are on your trip and you have to say no. But there is hope! Missionary fundraising is possible especially with the help of this missionary grant!

Continue to Give has teamed up with a private donor to offer two missionaries the chance to acquire a $500 one time donation to your missionary fundraising page! This is a great opportunity to tell a new donor about your online fundraising for missions, what you will use their donation for, and now finally be $500 closer to your fundraising goal.

What are some of the requirements? This opportunity is only for missionaries or mission trips, short or long term, that are actively fundraising on Continue to Give. This is also open to a group mission trip fundraising project that a church may be putting together. Our private donor will then look through all the applications and choose two applications that speak to their heart.

Right now we will be taking applications until the end of August. This also means if you are not fundraising on Continue to Give’s website right now and you want to be eligible simply go on today and make yourself and account and then apply! There is no requirement on how long you must have your missionary support page up and running to be eligible.

To apply you must complete 2 things: the application of the link below AND comment on this blog that you have applied.

Click here to fill out the short application to be eligible for one of the $500 donations.

Don’t forget to comment below that you have applied!

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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