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John Bartolin Jr

Goal: $5,000 Monthly
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John Bartolin Jr

tithe tithing fundraising raise money crowdfunding


My name is John and I am based on Lewes, De. I am a retired military veteran. I live with my wonderful wife and my beautiful daughter, the last of 6 children. I decided on 1999 to walk and talk more closely with the Lord Jesus. It was a discussion with the Holy Spirit that inspired me and convinced me, that little voice in ourselves we ask is this right or wrong so many times in our lives. I knew it was right. My past is my past, but I have had mistakes and wrongfully doings in my past. I probably knew then, but was to lost or alone in my own thinking. The Holy Spirit was always there. I knew my talent but did not use it. Please read on in Mission%uD83D%uDE07

Mission Statement:

My talent is driving and being around people. People that need a little nug. People that believe in the true Bible. It is the living word. My hopes are to travel the United States and prompt that Holy Spirit that Jesus left with us. By giving of ourselves we actually do receive much more than earthly things.I ask that not for your donations or offerings. But your talent. The one God created you to use. I will fund this project as far as I can go. Any help is appreciated. But please as a minimum use your talent. Even if you do dishes, do them as if you were doing it for Jesus to eat off of. Do all you do as if it where for him. The Spirit, the Godly Spirit. Will help. Go to your local church. People don't care where you've been. They want to help you to go where you need to go. There a approximately 7 billion people. Find the ones who will show you your talent. And rremember to see theirs. Hope to see you on my travels in due season. You know me when he wants me to see you..believe..%uD83D%uDC2 C

Basic Information

Website: johnbartolinjr.com
Country: United States
Region: Delaware
City: Lewes

Areas of interest

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Connecticut, United States Map It
Lewes, Delaware, United States Map It
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John Bartolin Jr

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