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89Q Golfathon 2013 "All Christmas music" fundraiser! Since I golf about as good as I grow hair, 89q listener Ben Lappin is my golf proxy thus allowing me to participate in the 89Q Golfathon and help raise $ for 89q!

Mission Statement:

Money from this years golfathon will go toward our All Christmas Music campaign. Last year, our first, we
saw a significant increase in new listeners as a result of the all Christmas music programming from Thanksgiving through Christmas day. We had limited resources with which to promote it. This golfathon will help us expand our efforts so that we will see more people reached with the Gospel though 89Q! Your golf support is 100% tax deductible. Thanks again for whatever you can give to help us reach even more with the Good News through 89q.

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Phone: 715 355 5151

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ANONYMOUS donated $$$ September 3, 2013, 10:49 pm

Win it! Does April have one of these sites also?

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